Our Ph.D. formulator has combined "Plant Based" Soy and Kudzu Isoflavones, with added benefits of Vitamin K2 and Calcium to bring you a "Drug-Free" dietary supplement to help support healthy bones, healthy bone density and so much more support for a healthy body.


A 1998 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition carried out on postmenopausal women found that the consumption of 40 grams of soy protein daily led to a very noticeable increase in their spine bone mineral density and bone loss reduced while bone health increased.


Global Medical studies show Isoflavones may promote Bone Health and also may help support a healthy Circulatory/Cardiovascular System, Certain Menopausal (Second Spring) Issues, Support your Immune System and more… read on and see for yourself!

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Isoflavones are plant chemicals (phytochemicals) found only in legume-type plants such as Soya and Kudzu. These plants have been used in Oriental Medicine for thousands of years. Isoflavones are a group of compounds found in and isolated from the soybean.

OstePro-Plus has “2” Powerful Phytonutrient main ingredients:

Ingredient #1. Isoflavone - from Soya Bean!

Ingredient #2. Isoflavone - from Kudzu Root! 


For almost 5000 years humans have been eating Soy Beans. The soybean is high in quality protein. equally comparable that of protein from animal foods. Soy is a dietary staple in Asian countries and has been for centuries. Daily intake can be up to 20 times that of a Western diet.

Soy has been shown to promote cell growth and promote long-term health, wellness and longevity. The health benefits of soy are being reported worldwide

Many Scientific studies in Soy’s benefits are centered around its phytoestrogens called “Isoflavones”. Isoflavones are plant chemicals (phytochemicals) found only in legume-type plants. The research has claimed that the Phytonutrients in soy may have a profoundly positive effect on human health.

One powerful compound called Genistein is an Isoflavone phytonutrient derived from soybeans and has been the focus of scientific research since 1966. Studies have shown that Genistein can bind to the same receptor sites as estrogen. Soybeans are the only significant dietary source of Genistein. Soybeans also contain a high level of Phytic Acid, which has many effects, including acting as a class of antioxidant and a chelating agent.

Soybeans also contain Daidzein, fiber and high amounts of protein, including all essential amino acids (the only such vegetable source). Soybeans are also a rich in Calcium, Iron. Zinc phosphorus, Magnesium, B vitamins and Omega 3 Fatty acids.

It is little wonder that Soya has been a favorite food and a recommended prescription of Traditional Medicine practices for generations in the Eastern Hemisphere and has sparked a revolution in Soy-derived food products in the West in recent years.

WOW! OstePro - Plus contains two powerful sources of plant-based Isoflavone extracts ... PLUS ... Vitamin K2 and CALCIUM - WOW!

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The U.S. National Cancer Institute-sponsored research in the 1990’s that garnered widespread recognition. They discovered that the role of soy foods in disease prevention had a solid foundation and began to receive widespread attention for their findings.

The results were that Isoflavones and soy foods had the ability to inhibit bone loss and alleviate “hot flashes” in postmenopausal women. Soy protein attracted worldwide attention 1995 for its ability to promote healthy cholesterol. Simultaneously, Isoflavones began to be widely hailed as having the potential to be alternatives to conventional hormone therapy. Dry mature raw soybean typically contains 8.5% moisture, 36.5% protein, 19.9% lipids, and 9.3% dietary fiber.according to USDA nutritional database

USDA stated that replacing saturated fats with monounsaturated and/or polyunsaturated fat is associated with lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Soybean oil contains considerably high levels of unsaturated fatty acid and a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids which is part of a healthy fat intake. An essential fatty acid is Alpha-linolenic acid and it cannot be made by humans. Regular consumption of foods rich in Omega-3 can provide many health benefits, including promoting cardiac system health.

The FDA ( Food and Drug Administration) approved a health claim for soy protein in 1999. They stated that – “25 grams of soy protein a day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease.”

The American Heart Association (AHA) - eating soy protein may help decrease LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) levels by two to seven percent.

Ostepro-Plus - Derived from Non-Genetically (NON-GMO) engineered ingredients and is an EXCELLENT SUPPLEMENTAL source of ISOFLAVONE.

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    Now let’s talk about KUDZU! 


Kudzu Root is the root of the Kudzu plant. It is regarded as one of the 50 most important herbs in Traditional Chinese medicine and known in China as “Ge Gen”. The ancient Chinese herbal text of Shen Nong (circa 100 A.D.) shows the first mention of Kudzu as a highly valued medicinal herb. Kudzu is a legume and part of the “Pea” family.

Kudzu contains powerful isoflavones like Puerarin (approximately 60% of total isoflavones) and Daidzein.

For hundreds of years in Traditional Oriental, Medicine Kudzu has been used for a variety of ailments may help with issues such as bone loss, alcoholism, angina, cancer, migraine headaches and high blood pressure.


It has also been used in Asian medicine as a treatment for some menopausal symptoms, muscle pain, psoriasis, diarrhea and upper respiratory tract infections like sinus, cold and even hay fever.

Kudzu Tea (XingJiu Ling) has been used for centuries as a treatment for alcoholism. It is said it effective in controlling and suppressing the urge to drink alcohol, without any withdrawal effects.

Studies in Japan, USA, and Finland have shown that isoflavones are clearly linked to reduced occurrences of breast and uterine cancer.

Kudzu is often used in Asia as a remedy circulatory problems and high blood pressure. It is believed that taking Kudzu can increase circulation and blood flow in the arteries of the heart and reduce the heart’s need for oxygen thus lowering one’s heart rate.

    Now let’s talk about Vitamin K2! 


Supported by clinical trials, Vitamin K2 has been shown to successfully reduce the incidence of bone fractures. Recent research has revealed that vitamin K plays a vital role in maintaining healthy bones and arteries by keeping calcium in the bones and out of the arteries. K2 is emerging as a key factor in regulating calcium in the body. A two-year Japanese study found that vitamin K2 (MK-4) reduced the incidence of vertebral (spine) fractures by 52% in 120 patients with osteoporosis, compared with patients who did not receive this nutrient. Vitamin K also helps improve exercise performance by enhancing your ability to utilize energy during bouts of physical activity. Vitamin K2 also assists in many other areas of health and is a VITAL nutrient.

The potential benefits of using OstePro-Plus™


Help Support Bone Health

The brittle bones that can sometimes come with getting older are deeply concerning. Supplementing a diet that lacks the proper nutrients necessary for optimum bone health and condition may help to avoid Osteoporosis, Arthritis and similar diseases of the bone.

OstePro-Plus™ – Helps support bone health.

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Help Support Healthy Cholesterol Range

Soy in your diet can lower cholesterol. Many research studies support this claim. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agrees that 25 grams per day of soy protein may reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering "bad" LDL cholesterol levels.

In one nine-week study, people who drank a shake containing soy protein (25 grams) exhibited a 5% reduction (average) in LDL cholesterol levels (those with the highest LDL levels experienced a drop of 11%) - both results could have a marked effect on potential heart disease risks. In addition to lowering LDL cholesterol levels, soy exhibited the ability to reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and raise "good" cholesterol (HDL) levels.

OstePro-Plus™ – Supports a healthy range of Cholesterol and Heart Health.

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Help Support Certain Menopausal Issues (A Second Spring)

One of the potential benefits of Ostepro-Plus is that it's a drug-free product that addresses menopause issues and may reduce the frequency and severity of your symptoms.

Resulting from declining estrogen levels during Menopause, most women can often experience a range of symptoms like hot flashes, decreased sex drive, mood swings, and other personal issues. Use of Soy Isoflavones is a drug-free approach to certain menopausal symptom issues. Soy isoflavones are extracted from soybeans and are classed as phytoestrogens (plant extracted compounds) because they have “natural” estrogen-like properties.

Menopausal symptoms do vary from woman to woman and therefore there is no perfect “one size fits all” drug available. The results of multiple worldwide clinical studies on Soy Isoflavones have shown that symptoms (hot flashes) have been alleviated by more than 50% by the Isoflavones working with your body, not against it!

Having been a favorite remedy in Asian culture for centuries, why not try it for yourself… you have nothing to lose, but possibly a whole lot to gain.

If you have Menopausal Issues like “Hot Flashes”. TRY OstePro-Plus™ - it may be just what you are looking for to help ease those irritating and uncomfortable symptoms.

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Help Support your Immune System

For thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine Soya and Kudzu Root has been prescribed to help many common health problems that sometimes are the result of a compromised immune system or overall poor health such as:

Muscle/Joint pain    Migraine Headaches    Diarrhea and Gastrointestinal

High Blood Pressure         Alcoholism                           Hangover

Hay fever                           Upper respiratory/Sinus      Flu/Common Cold

Skin/Complexion issues    Psoriasis/Acne         Hair Growth/Restoration

OstePro-Plus is a dietary supplement that if taken as recommended could support your immune system and may assist in boosting vital bodily systems that are essential to a healthy life.

OstePro-Plus™ Support Your Immune System NOW!!

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Help Support Wellness and certain Negative Effects of a Poor Diet

A properly balanced provides important nutrients to keep the body and mind strong and healthy. Vitamins and minerals in your diet are vital to boost your body’s immunity, maintain a healthy body weight, provide energy and promote general overall wellness.

Eating healthy can help protect the human body against certain types of diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, acute skin disorders, some types of cancer and skeletal/bone related problems.

Unfortunately, because of our increasingly busy lifestyles, more and more of today’s Global Citizens are becoming too busy to eat nutritious food on a consistent basis. Instead, fast food with considerably less nutrient value is becoming “normal” for a lot of people. High sodium, high fat, high sugar diets are causing extreme health issues to an extent never seen before around the globe and especially in Western countries. A poor diet and lack of exercise can lead to serious health conditions and supplement your diet with the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to achieve optimum health is highly recommend.

OstePro-Plus™ – Can you afford NOT to be healthy?

Do not take chances with your health – if you live an unhealthy lifestyle and you know you lack essential minerals/vitamins in your daily diet, it’s time to incorporate dietary supplementation.



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