USA Pharmaceuticals - America's Best Formulations is a Global high-tech enterprise engaged in the R+D and supply of Health, Beauty and lifestyle products. We are part of the 3 Trillion Dollar USA healthcare market and are headquartered in California, USA.

We have cooperation with customers worldwide. Our sourced products have been sold in over 200 countries and have been among the “Best Sellers” featured on TV, Print, Retail and E-Commerce channels.



We are sure that our sourced products are enjoyed by everyone from the everyday family to famous Hollywood celebrities. Not only are the products known to American customers, but many of the products have become known in other countries too, including China. USA Pharmaceuticals/ABF first entered China’s market in 2002, aiming at providing new and effective products that are well suited and functional for the Chinese consumer. We also have an exclusive agent branch office in Beijing China.

We specialize in creating products utilizing proprietary “one of a kind technology” wherever possible for each of our new products introduced into the marketplace. We believe that our products are extremely unique and WORLD CLASS LEADERS in the field of Health, Wellness and Beauty.

USA Pharmaceuticals/ABF believes in strong research and development and because of this, has developed a large scientific research/information network. Our scientific research team consists of famous top scientists, doctors, and researchers globally.

In addition, we enjoy close cooperation with independent laboratories and prestigious PhD teams around the world to ensure we can continue to bring top quality innovative products to the global marketplace.


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We welcome your questions or queries, feel free to contact us anytime via our “contact page” and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have in regard to our amazing products.

We look forward to you being our next customer!

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