U.S.A. Pharmaceuticals uses only the best factories in the world to manufacture for the U.S.A. Pharmaceuticals proprietary and patented formulas. All factories must follow U.S.A. Pharmaceuticals strict quality control guidelines as shown below. In addition, all factories must have all necessary government approval for health and safety.

Unit Dosing


The tablet compression/encapsulation department, or unit dosing, is where common dry powders or granulations take shape into a tablet or a hardshell capsule. Precision machines are set up to the specifications indicated on the "batch production record". Each product is fairly unique which demands that they are set up according to written procedures to achieve the desired finished results. Quality control tests are performed after the set up and before the actual production run on each lot of each product. During the production run, in-process tests are performed by trained operators every fifteen minutes until the completion of the process. Each of the performed tests are documented on the "batch production record". The various machines used, each, can produce varying amounts of output with a top speed of approximately 3,300 units per minute. Some of the tablets are further processed in our "coating" area. Applying a coating to the tablet adds to its stability and enhances the appearance of the tablets. Applying a coating to tablets is still very much an "art". It takes a coater years of experience to develop the skills necessary to perform this process. After tablet compression or encapsulation, and after coating, the "batch production record" is, again, reviewed. Samples are taken, and the samples and "batch production record" is submitted to the quality control laboratory for further testing.