U.S.A. Pharmaceuticals uses only the best factories in the world to manufacture for the U.S.A. Pharmaceuticals proprietary and patented formulas. All factories must follow U.S.A. Pharmaceuticals strict quality control guidelines as shown below. In addition, all factories must have all necessary government approval for health and safety.

Softgel Encapsulation


Our diversity of provided services includes the manufacture of softgel capsules. Softgel manufacturing is a very specialized process. Each product is made up of two parts. One being the molten gelatin for the shell, and the other being the ingredients encapsulated by the gelatin. Again, the machines must be set up to exacting specifications for size, shape, and weight. In-process test are performed every fifteen minutes to ensure that the product produced is consistent and meets the specifications. Completed softgels are automatically transferred to tumblers to allow the gelatin shell to partially dry which shrinks the capsule around the filling which helps it retain its shape. Then the softgels are spread onto trays and placed in drying tunnels to continue the drying process. The tunnels, as well as the entire department, are supplied with clean, cool, dry air from a controlled air handling device specifically designed for the manufacture of the softgels. Once dried, the softgels are inspected and polished to achieve a shiny luster to enhance their appearance. Upon completion of the process, samples are taken, the paperwork is reviewed, and both are submitted to the quality control laboratory for further testing.