U.S.A. Pharmaceuticals uses only the best factories in the world to manufacture for the U.S.A. Pharmaceuticals proprietary and patented formulas. All factories must follow U.S.A. Pharmaceuticals strict quality control guidelines as shown below. In addition, all factories must have all necessary government approval for health and safety.

Quality Control


The quality control department is responsible to ensure that all materials meet the established criteria throughout all phases of the process. Raw materials, components, and packaging and labeling are examined and tested according to a rigorous written program designed to assure uniformity from batch to batch. Every raw material received is tested for identity and conformance to specifications. Every bottle, cap, and label is examined to assure that they match the written specifications. During the manufacture of all batches of all products, in-process samples are tested and the results documented. If any results fall outside of the written specifications, the product is rejected and the information is submitted to the research and development group for evaluation and further disposition. Samples of finished, packaged product is tested for stability to allow for determination of expiration dating. Accelerated stability testing as well as real time stability testing is done concurrently to validate the results of the tests.

When it comes to Quality, we believe "Quality is not "inspected" into the product, it is "manufactured" into the product!"