U.S.A. Pharmaceuticals uses only the best factories in the world to manufacture for the U.S.A. Pharmaceuticals proprietary and patented formulas. All factories must follow U.S.A. Pharmaceuticals strict quality control guidelines as shown below. In addition, all factories must have all necessary government approval for health and safety.



Packaging department is divided between two areas. Bottle filling handles the counting and filling of unit dose forms such as tablets, hardshell capsules, and softgel capsules. Powder filling handles the packaging of powder blends such as drink mixes. Both areas are controlled by written procedures designed to assure that the proper fill, components, and labeling is used on each packaging run. The "packaging record" provides all the necessary specifications and allows for all documentation of the packaging of the batch. The packaging record then becomes part of the "batch production record" which allows all of the processing and packaging information to be filed in one location within our document control department. Packaging runs are monitored constantly to ensure that the final product meets all of the customer's specifications. At the end of the packaging run, the "packaging record" and finished samples are submitted to the quality control laboratory for a final test and release for shipping.