U.S.A. Pharmaceuticals uses only the best factories in the world to manufacture for the U.S.A. Pharmaceuticals proprietary and patented formulas. All factories must follow U.S.A. Pharmaceuticals strict quality control guidelines as shown below. In addition, all factories must have all necessary government approval for health and safety.



The proper handling of materials in any department is crucial to prevent any contamination or cross-contamination of the product. In the Blending/Compounding department it is most crucial due to the fine materials and the exposed surface area during processing. Each processing room is equipped with dust collection ports to create a negative room pressure and a positive airflow out of each room to minimize the chances of cross-contamination. Highly skilled material compounders identify each of the weighed raw materials and compare them to the requirements of the "batch production record". As each step in the processing procedures is performed, the material compounder documents that the step has been completed and a second material compounder verifies and documents that the step has been completed. Also, as each raw material is added to the batch, the material compounder documents the addition and a second material compounder verifies and documents the addition. Once all compounding steps have been completed, the uniform blend is discharged from the blenders into poly-lined, in-process, labeled containers. Samples are taken according to a written procedure. The "batch production record" is reviewed and submitted to the quality control laboratory along with the samples for in-process testing that will assure the proper specifications have been achieved.